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AITA because my ex lives with my parents?

2020.08.16 18:16 Natg901 AITA because my ex lives with my parents?

Ok. A bit of context first. When i was 16 i dated and moved in with a guy i will call Tim. Tim had a rough childhood and was on the wrong side of the track as far as lifestyle was concerned. Eventually over the course of our 6 month relationship he ended up in juvenile prison on theft charges. I had become quite attached to him and asked my family for help as he didnt have anyone to turn to. Although i was no longer interested in a relationship with him, i knew he was a good guy who could have a great life with a little opportunity. My family saw this to, paid his bail and took him in as their own. He has had his struggles, but has slowly built himself a career and life of his own.
Now. I am a 31 year old and i live in my own home with my partner of 13 years, James, and our 4 children. We have built a beautiful life and have been very happy. Until recently. Recently James has had a few indiscretions onlone with other women and made some hurtful mistakes. We are in the process of trying to work through it instead of separating. During this process i have been spending time with my mum to tak things through, as we are super close.
Now, remember Tim? Recently he has had to move back into my parents family home due to some work issues related to covid19. My parents have a large house and need the help so its no issue for them to have him there.
This however is an issue for James. James believes that i need to inform my parents that they are being disrespectful allowing an ex boyfriend of mine in their home, and in my presence. He does not trust Tim "to be around me or the children", but cannot provide me a reason. James wants my parents to make Tim move out so he can feel more comfortable. I disagree entirely and have told him i will not tell them something so rude, and if he does that fixing our relationship may be impossible as he will lose even more respect from my family, and from me.
I feel like what they do with their home is their business, and not only that but his lack of trust in Tim makes me feel untrusted too. But James tells me i just can't see from his point of view. So. Am i the asshole?
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